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Are you ready to create a new vision for your life or relationship?

Are you ready to create a new vision for your life or relationship?


You are a 30-something who has the desire for a close relationship and a confident and intentional life path. But when it comes to crafting a plan, you feel unclear about your direction - or perhaps you’re not even sure who you want to be.


Life Coaching is a meaningful process in which you’ll gain clarity about your choices and priorities, with a focus on how to bring about positive change for yourself.

Relationship Coaching offers new possibilities and powerful tools of communication to enable you to reconnect emotionally to your partner (or another significant person) and rediscover closeness and love.

As your coach, I will support and guide you on your journey with deep listening, warmth, and insight.

You’ll leave each session with greater awareness about the qualities and values that you bring to your life and your relationships.

As you take steps and see your strengths more clearly, your confidence will grow.

With curiosity and compassion, we will explore what might be holding you back from experiencing happiness and fulfillment in your life or from creating closeness in your relationship.

Together, we’ll develop a framework of goals, habits, and practices to move you forward with optimism.


What My Clients Are Saying

Coaching has been powerful, enriching, positive and nurturing. I gained a lot of insights, support and guidance that helped me navigate a transitional period in my life.

The process made me understand the importance of proactively giving space and attention to the positive experiences, achievements, and feedback, as I tend to ruminate on the negative.

I regained my confidence, believe in myself professionally. I feel like am in a healthier, more positive frame of mind.

Judy is a truly wonderful, supportive, and insightful coach.

Tel Aviv

Coaching was very helpful at a critical and difficult time for me. I came to realize that a large part of my frustration was that I had no plan.  The coaching encouraged me to focus on my dream and brought me back to my vision.

Judy was the right person at the right time.  She was insightful, a good listener and understood the dilemmas.


Coaching was productive, supportive, insightful, holding, motivating.  I am proud of myself for making some fundamental changes and setting some boundaries and managing (most of the time) to stick to them. I recognize and appreciate my progress and greater clarity for my options moving forward.

When I am drowning and lost it helps to have someone I respect confirm it while nudging me in the right direction and "seeing" me so I don’t feel invisible. 

Judy brings wisdom, insight, sensitivity and empathy to her coaching.


I appreciated the encouragement to identify strengths as an anchor for dreaming towards the future.

It has been helpful to recognize patterns and modes of thought that have been present for many years - impostor syndrome and procrastination in particular.

The knowledge that my approach towards tasks and goals doesn’t need to be all or nothing; starting somewhere is hugely important.

I appreciated Judy’s empathy and active listening as well as her willingness to share anecdotes from her own life when relevant.


Discovering that it is realistic and appropriate to stretch the limits and dream of the future even if at the present time, it seems out of reach.

To NOT go to that negative place and change the voice that directs me there.

Judy is an unbelievably insightful and caring professional.  She really listens and offers some very practical yet creative solutions to living a full and well-rounded life. 

Beit Shemesh

Coaching was very helpful on an accountability level of making me check in with the goals that I set for myself and also re-evaulating those goals along the way.

I gained clarity over aspects of my day to day life that are contributing to my sense of “chaos” or “lack of calm”, and awareness about some of the factors/decisions I make which exacerbate the problem.  I am proud of myself that I did succeed in making several small changes in my life that improved things!

Judy is a great listener and also excellent at providing thoughtful and reflective guidance.  She was able to help me draw out the challenges that I was facing and to identify small steps that I could take to improve things.  I HIGHLY recommend her as a life coach and think that anyone who works with her will draw great personal benefit.


I knew what I wanted to get out of coaching: better decision- making skills. This, even in a short time I do feel I was able to achieve. 

I was able to solidify the things that are important to me and what I need to be in place to have a happy and fulfilling life. It was thought provoking and challenged my way of thinking and decision making.


Judy is an inspirational coach. She is supportive, understanding, warm and works with you through every idea. I learned so many valuable lessons and skills from her sessions. The techniques and methods helped me view situations from a different view and gave boosts of confidence when I really needed them. I truly feel that my experience with Judy met my expectations and even went beyond.


It was a good time to reflect on things that had been bothering me but that I had not given the space in which to think about. I did get to get things off my chest that I don’t talk about, which was a relief.

Judy is a warm and kind person who made me feel comfortable from the get-go.  It was a pleasure to have someone to share my success/progress with!


Judy took me through a process which surpassed my expectations. I am finishing coaching with a new outlook towards my relationships with my entire family and beyond.

I have a more positive and accepting outlook and attitude towards others and myself. Appreciating more.  Loving more.  Learning new ways to demonstrate that love towards my family, and the world.

I truly feel ready to face the world on my own and use the tools and ideas that I gained from our sessions together.

I loved it!  I felt that Judy really understood me.

Gush Etzion

Working with Judy was an incredible and invaluable experience. 

Judy was supportive, attentive, and patient. I felt comfortable and at ease during our sessions. I felt not only that Judy truly cared, but that she really understood me.

And, simply put, Judy was an excellent life coach. She was insightful, she pushed me to really dive into the underlying issue, and she provided helpful frameworks for understanding both myself and the world. 

Over the course of our sessions, Judy helped me to reframe my perspective, clarify my values, and understand patterns about my life. Judy helped open the door to a stronger, more grounded, and more forgiving version of myself. I can say without a doubt that reaching out to Judy was one of the best decisions I have ever made. 



Judy Markose Relationship & Life Coaching

אימון אישי וזוגי • MSW•EdD

Jerusalem• ירושלים

050 582 7986

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