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In my course, I participated in a Rebirthing breathing exercise and what came up for me was the birth of my first son. I saw my 28-year-old self in the labor room, feeling all the fear and uncertainty of this very new phase. I remembered my brief maternity leave and my urgency to return to my (former) confident self.

I took this powerful image from my past as a message to me today when I am feeling uncertain in my new career as a life coach and feel anxious to get past the novice stage as quickly as possible.

A lot of people told me they thought I was brave to start over and transition from a very secure career. I didn’t get why they thought it was such a big deal, but feel now how scary it is to be new, especially after I was already a ‘master’.

I’m trying to keep these thoughts in mind:
• It is a natural course of life to have phases that we are new at something.
• Being new is not being not good enough or less than. It is just that – being new.
• Rushing through the novice phase doesn’t do anything, it doesn’t increase mastery, it just masks the newness.
• At 28 it was OK to say: I’m a new mother. I could be open about that newness – no one would fault me. In fact, most people just wanted to help me.
• Today it is OK to say: I’m a new coach. No one (but me) expects me to be a master all at once.

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