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Coaching is Opening My Eyes

I am learning as a life coach that…

Some people have a hard time dreaming.
Some can dream big dreams of the future even when the present is so dark.
Some are in relationships that hold them too tightly and they want to run and stay – both.
Some feel like impostors at work – not good enough, and afraid that someone will find out one day what they don’t know.
Some carry pain for a long time and store it away.
Some have a little or teenage girl inside telling them they just don’t fit in.
Some are terrified of change and continue to talk about it as if it is possible.
Some dream of a better version of themselves – the path they did not take.
Some have piled so much on their plate that they feel they are (literally) running from place to place.
Some cannot see the floor of their room because the laundry is piled so high.
Some give and give and give to others and forgot how to accept help.
Some make time for themselves – a walk, a swim, a class – and feel proud.
Some have to-do lists that get longer and longer.
Some are jealous of others who seem to have it all together.
Some feel that cooking is just too much and still believe in healthy eating for their family.
Some have husbands who are very competent in the world and less so at home.
Some feel in charge and embrace it. Some wish they were less in charge.
Some are afraid of stepping up and when they do, they see that they are fine.
Some have a particular phone call they are not making.
Some find ‘quality time’ for their children. Some feel they are missing out on their children’s lives.
Some envision a career that’s better than the place they are now.
Some wish their mothers would offer more support.
Some feel the burden of extended family.
Some are choosing to be different than their parents.
Some feel their whole life is a compromise.
Some are stuck and are making very small changes and moving forward bit by bit.
Some do not see a way out. Some see a light at the end of the tunnel.

All of these people inspire me with their dreams, showing up to share their pain, be honest, reflect and hope. I am grateful for being in their lives. I pray that I will help and empower them.


  1. Karen Tober on June 8, 2020 at 6:32 pm

    Thank you for sharing this. I see myself in many of the descriptions, and when I look back at my journals I see that some struggles have been with me for years in spite of my desire to become.

    • JudyMarkose on June 9, 2020 at 10:47 am

      Karen – Thank you for your reflection. I appreciate that you see yourself in those struggles and that they feel like they stay over time. I believe in the possibility of change and that we need to recognize even small change as an important step. Breaking down the overwhelming challenges can help to feel that you have the power within you to meet them. And as long as there is movement, even tiny baby steps, it is moving towards a better place. I appreciate your sharing with me and wish you growth and healing.

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