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Trying On Acceptance

• I believe in myself and in my unique talents and skills.
• I believe that what I have to offer and who I am as a person, professional, friend, parent are valuable.
• I look back at my past and believe that I did the best I could in each situation. (I do not review and analyze again and again.)
• I live in the here and now. I do not live with regret.
• I view my limitations with kindness (not with blame).
• I do not compare myself to others – I am able to remind myself that they have their reality and I have mine and that is fine.
• There is not a finite amount of success. If someone else finds success, it doesn’t reduce mine.
• I recognize success when it happens, feel proud and good, allow it to be enough.
• I understand (truly) that compromise is OK.
• I accept the people that I love as they are. Their direction does not challenge mine.
• It is OK to do what I feel like doing (if it does not hurt others).
• I feel happy – I recognize that emotion, it is more frequent.
• I love myself – I recognize the emotion and allow it to fill my heart.
• I am able just to ‘be’, am comfortable in space and time.
• I can tell the difference between beliefs that come from my mind or my heart. I seek a balance of the two, a middle point.
• I feel confident – from the inside.

You can tell that these statements were consciously written in a positive, affirmative, upbeat style – even though I’m not there yet with all of them. As Wayne Dyer says – It’s on its way.


  1. Lyne Weiss Glaser` on October 4, 2018 at 5:41 pm

    Most people never get “there” in a lifetime. Glad you are close…as am I. We are the lucky ones.
    Great website. Wishing you much success. Love from North Carolina.

    • JudyMarkose on October 4, 2018 at 9:05 pm

      Lyne – Thank you for taking the time to read and comment. And for the huge vote of confidence. I so appreciate it.
      Love to all of you – wish we were closer.

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