Happy 29th Birthday

Happy 29th birthday to my amazing son Eran. I feel so blessed to be close to you today – you who are such a warm, talented, spiritual, giving person.

And thank you, Eran, for helping me to be a better parent.

For too many years I was caught up in what you were not doing and how that made me feel. Things that were important to me did not speak to you. I felt disappointed, rejected, unsure of how to relate to you and your life.

Over time, I learned to be more open, to ask questions and wait for your responses, to listen more closely and ultimately to appreciate who you are and be so proud of your choices. I learned to ask myself: what kind of mom does Eran need me to be?

Eran –thanks for being OK with my sharing some of our experiences when I’m coaching parents like me. You inspire me to put love and acceptance first, as you do.

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