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Cherish Your Love Story (and other advice for newlyweds)

This week, my sweet, light-filled son and his warmhearted and beautiful fiancée are getting married!

I’m feeling so inspired and energized by the celebration of their love and their big step on the journey of their life together as a couple.

As a mom, married for several decades, and as a relationship coach, I’m tempted to fill pages of advice on how to create an amazing, loving marriage.  

I’ll choose a few of my favorites to share with our new couple and with all the precious couples who are making new commitments to each other this summer.

 o   Cherish your love story, remember the details, and tell it again and again.

o   Be sentimental on anniversaries and birthdays, and create your own milestones to appreciate each other and celebrate your love.

o   Say the words ‘I love you’ often – sing them, write them, draw them – there’s no limit.

o   Stop as you come and go – when you leave each other and re-unite (even a few times a day), pause for a kiss or hug.

o   Say ‘thank you’ for the small, insignificant things your partner does (and of course for the big ones).

o   Make time every day to talk about your day, your feelings, your worries, your dreams. Dedicate time to sharing that has no distractions, no phones, no other people.  Even ten minutes a day – five for each person – is important to set aside and keep that time sacred.

o   Be a cheerleader – support your partner’s ideas, initiatives, wild dreams, need to make a change.

o   Sometimes just listen.  Without advice, without problem-solving, without your opinion.

o   Change-up your routine. Get out of the house, out of town, take a walk, go out for dinner, sit in a different seat at the table.

o   Give each other space – for whatever you need.

o   Talk about your dreams for the next year or the next five years. Maybe even write them and put them in a special place. Look at your dreams often, be open to changing them, let them guide your choices and decisions. 

Do you have any tips for couples who are about to tie the knot? Share them with us in the comments below.

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