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Summer Date Conversation Starter: Do You Have a Relationship Role Model?

This summer, make time each week for a ‘summer date’  –  like a walk along the beach, a picnic, or dinner out. It could be fun to give each date a theme that will stimulate interesting conversation.

Be curious about your partner.  Be open to new discoveries as a couple.

Here’s our first ’conversation starter’:

Do you have a relationship role model? 

A relationship role model is an inspiring, real-life couple who continue to grow and evolve in their love for each other.

Consider these questions:

🤍 Is there a couple whose relationship inspires you?

🤍 What makes them happy?

🤍 How do they interact with each other?

🤍What do they do on a regular basis?

🤍 What qualities do they bring to their relationship?

🤍 What inspires you about them?

🤍 What can you learn from them?

See if you agree on a couple you both admire or if you each have different perspectives.  It’s fine to have more than one role model, because every couple has different strengths and qualities.

Think and talk about aspects of your relationship role models you’d like to emulate.  

If you like, use their qualities to create a wishlist of what would make your relationship feel better, closer, happier. 

🤍 What’s special about your relationship that might make you two role models to another couple?

Enjoy your date and feel proud of yourselves for setting aside time for each other!

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