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Tu B’Av Conversation Starters: 10 Questions to Spark Connection and Conversation

This weekend we celebrate Tu B’Av – our Jewish Valentine’s Day.

 It’s a great opportunity to enjoy a ‘summer date’ with your partner.

For the occasion, I’ve put together some Tu B’Av Conversation Starters: 10 fun and intimate questions to help spark conversation and connection.

 You don’t need to go anywhere for this date. Just make sure to put away your phones and other distractions, and be fully present with each other.

 Consider creating a cozy space and lighting some candles to help set the mood.

 Take turns answering some or all of the questions, and let the conversation begin!

 Feeling playful? Try guessing each other’s answers.


💜 Wishing you a wonderful, love-filled Tu B’Av.


Download and print my Tu B’Av Conversation Starters here >>

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