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5 questions (and answers) about relationship coaching

Are you curious about Relationship Coaching? 

Here are some common questions (and answers) about coaching for couples:

How will Relationship Coaching help me and my partner?

🔹 Coaching helps revive intimacy, security, openness, and warmth. 

🔹 Coaching empowers you to articulate your individual dreams and create a new, shared vision for your relationship in the future.

What will we learn?

🔹 Coaching teaches you a new set of tools to create a safe relationship space, to be fully present for each other, to listen empathically, and to feel more secure to share emotions. 

🔹 Conflict is natural – learning how to repair after frustration and disagreement will help you to have a better relationship. 

🔹 You’ll also learn to recognize negative patterns in which you repeatedly hurt each other and to practice more positive, loving ways of communicating.

What are the sessions like? Do we just talk about our problems?

🔹 I’ll offer you a structured framework for dealing with differences and conflict, no matter what the particular issue is about. 

🔹 You’ll do guided exercises that encourage you to listen better and actually see each other with new eyes. 

Shouldn’t we be able to improve our relationship on our own?

🔹 It’s not easy to be ‘good’ at maintaining a loving relationship that evolves over time.  Even if you love each other a lot, being in a thriving relationship involves learning new skills and refreshing your perspective. 

🔹 If you didn’t have positive relationship role models, you may never have learned how to create a close relationship. 

🔹 There’s no shame in reaching out for help! You’ll be doing a lot of work during the coaching process and between sessions – along with the guidance of a coach who has the training and perspective to uncover patterns in your relationship that are often impossible for you to see on your own.

How long will it take to see real change in our relationship?

🔹 In six 2-hour sessions over a period of two months, you’ll reconnect and revitalize your relationship.

To find out more about coaching with me, schedule your free call today >> https://judymarkose.com/schedule/ 

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