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When’s a Good Time for a Couple to Seek Professional Help?

People ask me if there’s a right time for a couple to seek professional help.

I believe all couples can benefit from support, especially during these three stages of a relationship:

Early Phase 

By seeking professional guidance early on, you’ll build a solid foundation of healthy communication and connection. You’ll learn tools for repairing conflict and rituals for creating warmth and intimacy that will help your relationship thrive for years to come. 

It’s also a great opportunity to create a shared vision for your life with your partner.

Life-Changing Events

It’s helpful to seek support when facing significant transitions such as moving, having a baby, changing jobs, or dealing with health issues in your family. 

Big changes can overwhelm even the strongest of relationships. With professional guidance, you’ll deepen your resilience and emotional bond as a couple, so that you can face your transitions together.   

Relationship Struggles

At some point, you might feel that you and your partner have grown apart, or that communication between you is hurtful. There may be conflict around parenting styles, division of labor, or the stresses of career and daily life.

If you notice signs that your relationship is struggling or stuck in an inflexible, negative place, don’t wait until you’re at breaking point before seeking professional support. 

With help, you’ll be empowered to grow as individuals and to rebuild your trust in each other and in your relationship. You’ll gain tools to communicate and connect in ways that make you both feel safe, loved, and supported once again.

Relationship Coaching is a powerful way to strengthen, repair, and renew your relationship – during the early stages, life transitions, or difficult times.

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