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5 Daily Practices to Maintain Warmth in Your Relationship

You and your partner both need support and compassion. Care for your connection and you’ll be there for each other when this difficult winter passes.

Here are 5 daily practices to maintain warmth in your relationship:

SAY THANK YOU: Express gratitude and let your partner know that you appreciate the big and small things they do.

CHECK IN:  Spend a few minutes together to share what’s going on and how you’re doing. Put your distractions away and be fully present.

SHOW AFFECTION: Bring moments of touch and physical connection into your relationship. Sit closer when you’re reading or watching something. Make eye contact when you’re talking to each other. Pause an extra moment for a hello kiss or a goodbye hug.

HAVE FUN: Laugh together! Share a silly joke, tell a funny story that happened to you, take pleasure in your kids’ antics. Put on music and sing or dance.

BE THERE FOR SUPPORT:  Offer compassion for your partner’s tough days and encourage their goals and dreams. Listening without judging is an amazing gift.

Nurture your relationship – with even one of these practices every day – and you’ll stay close, whatever’s going on around you.

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