About Me

My Story

Growing up as the youngest child of a rabbi, I was raised to aspire to a life of meaning and purpose. As a young woman, my feminist college encouraged me to believe in myself, to make my voice heard and to follow my dreams.

These core ideals guided my professional path over three decades.

I started out as director of summer camps - building community and nurturing the spirit of young people.

I moved to Israel in the 1990s and entered the next phase in my career - directing teen travel programs and empowering teenagers to form a personal relationship with Israel.

The focus of my doctoral research was teachers’ values. I directed a center to train educators and loved mentoring young professionals to be role models and to bring their passions to their students.

My work as a Life Coach is an inspiring way for me to bring together my personal journey, academic background and professional experience.

Coaching has offered me an approach to accept and be less critical of myself and a new lens for looking at some very difficult relationships. It provided a framework to reflect on my dreams for the next phase of my career and ultimately empowered me to become a Life Coach and to bring these tools to my clients.

It is truly rewarding for me to guide a process that helps individuals lead a happier, calmer and more balanced life.

Integrating coaching and other holistic approaches that I’m studying, I work with

  • women who struggle to balance career and family
  • parents who are challenged relating to their young adult children
  • young adults finding their way

These are close to my heart and draw on my own life experience pursuing a meaningful career, cherishing a happy marriage and raising four independent children.

Professional Bio

Judy Markose is a certified Life Coach, with an MSW in Community Organization, an EdD in Educational Administration and a BA from Barnard College. She directed Camp Ramah in Canada, the Ramah Israel Seminar and the Pardes Center for Jewish Educators.  Judy is a continuing student of Trilotherapy, trauma therapy and relationship coaching. She works in Jerusalem and on Skype.