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About Judy


I believe that change is possible at any stage of life.

I also know that making a change is not easy. New starts or restarts – in relationships or personal choices, in home or career – can be unsettling and really shake your confidence.

For me, coaching is a powerful way to help you to create a life you’re proud of, find your passion, make intentional choices, reach your dreams, and build close and loving relationships.

Finding my voice as a new coach during the last five years has been energizing and also challenging.  Learning to accept myself on those days that I feel like a shaky novice, helps me to bring compassion to you – wherever you are in your process of change.

Over three decades as an educator and leader, I gained tremendous experience listening and empowering others to identify a clear vision. I love building teams and deep collegial relationships.  I integrate all of that in my coaching.

I’ve been a mom and a life partner for almost forty years, and I appreciate how much investment and openness it takes to keep significant relationships thriving and healthy through the ups and downs of life. I also bring that to my coaching.

I began coaching with a focus on career change, and I soon discovered how often relationship struggles were present in my clients’ stories.  I felt called to help people to face those struggles and to bring new life to marriage, family, and other significant relationships.

I have a passion to learn and have trained in a variety of approaches to working with individuals and couples. It’s inspiring for me to weave my tools and experience into a meaningful and effective coaching process.

I’d love to support you to revitalize your relationship, clarify your values and priorities, be self-confident and dream big!

If you’re ready to create the life you imagined - or create a fresh new vision for yourself or your relationship - I’m excited to embark on a coaching process with you.

Professional Bio

I am a certified Life and Relationship Coach, with a Master of  Social Work (MSW) and a Doctorate in Education (EdD).

I coach couples integrating Encounter-Centered Couples Transformation and Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy. I am also trained in Focusing, Somatic Experiencing, CBT for trauma, and Trilotherapy.

I served as the director of the Pardes Center for Jewish Educators, the Ramah Israel Seminar and Camp Ramah in Canada.

I work in Jerusalem and on Zoom.

Judy Markose Relationship & Life Coaching

אימון אישי וזוגי • MSW•EdD

Jerusalem• ירושלים

050 582 7986

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