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I believe in your potential to create positive change in your life, career, and relationships. 

You've experienced happiness, intimacy, and fulfillment in the past and now you're at a crossroads.

You may be feeling stuck in negative patterns, disconnected in your relationship, or not moving forward in your career.

I’d love to help you to revitalize your relationship, become a compassionate listener and communicator, and to learn a new set of responses to conflict, so that you'll be a more generous, loving partner.

In coaching, you'll be aware of what's been holding you back, and you'll create a path to reach your  dreams and aspirations. Through an interactive and structured process, you'll be empowered to be more self-confident, make intentional choices, and to lead a happy and fulfilled life. 

A little about me and my journey. Trained in social work and education, I spent over 30 years as an organizational leader.  I started my career as an idealistic director of summer camps in North America. I moved to Israel in the 1990s and directed travel programs, inspiring teens to develop a close relationship with Israel. From 2007, I directed a center for Jewish educators and mentored new professionals to bring passion, joy, and creativity to their students.

I loved the years I spent in education and I bring my enthusiasm for building teams and deep relationships and my idealism about change and growth to my work as a coach.

Over the last five years,  I’ve studied in a variety of settings - gaining credentials, inspiration from amazing teachers, and experience. I made an exciting transition when I opened my private practice to work with individuals and couples.  I truly believe that change is possible at any stage of life!

Raising four children and being in a long, happy marriage are my greatest source of pride. 

If you’re ready to create the life you imagined - or create a fresh new vision for yourself or your relationship - I’m excited to embark on a coaching process with you. 

Professional Bio

I am a certified Life and Relationship Coach, with a Master of  Social Work (MSW) and a Doctorate in Education (EdD).  I coach couples with Encounter-Centered Couples Transformation. I am also trained in Focusing, Somatic Experience, CBT for trauma, and Trilotherapy.  I work in Jerusalem and on Zoom.

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