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As a Life Coach, I help 30-somethings to reconnect to their dreams and achieve their aspirations. People come to coaching looking for a change in the quality and direction of their life, career or relationship and I am passionate about every person’s potential for growth. 

I was raised to aspire to a life of leadership, idealism and purpose. My rabbi father and my feminist teachers encouraged me to believe in myself, to make my voice heard and to follow my dreams. These core values inspired and guided my path and my choices. 

I started my career as director of summer camps - building community and nurturing the spirit of young people. I moved to Israel in the 1990s and directed teen travel programs,  empowering adolescents to develop a relationship with Israel. From 2007, I directed a center for Jewish educators and mentored new professionals to bring passion and excellent pedagogy to their students.

I entered the field of Life Coaching with curiosity and enthusiasm for the amazing potential to help individuals reach their aspirations and lead a happier and more balanced life.  

I supplemented my training in Couples Coaching to play a role in an optimistic process of change and renewal in relationships that have lost their spark and turn to coaching to plant new seeds of loving reconnection. 

I believe that life is better with a partner by your side and my own life has been enriched being happily married and raising four children together.

I believe that transformation is possible at any stage of life. I believe that every person has the answers and the ability to choose their best path. 

If you are ready to create the life you imagined - or create a fresh new vision for yourself - I am excited to embark on a coaching process with you. 

Professional Bio

I am a certified Life and Relationships Coach and I coach couples with Encounter-Centered Couples Therapy. I have a Master of  Social Work (MSW) and a doctorate in Education (EdD). I was the director of the Pardes Center for Jewish Educators, the Ramah Israel Seminar and Camp Ramah in Canada.  I work in Jerusalem and on Zoom.

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