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Real Questions From Real Couples

I’m happy to share my Q & A post, in which I respond to a real question about relationships. If you have a question you’d like me to answer, feel free to send me a private message. Q – I really feel like my partner and I could benefit from relationship coaching, but he’s very…

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Is Life Coaching For You?

Here’s a taste of a real situation. Tamar is 26 and feels unclear about what she wants to do with her life. She feels a lot of pressure from people saying  it’s time to move forward. She doesn’t have a strong sense of her own self-worth. Tamar wants to create a meaningful plan for the…

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Is Self Doubt Getting In Your Way?

It’s natural to feel self-doubt – sometimes called your ‘inner critic’ –  especially when you’re trying to make a change in your life or step out of your comfort zone.  With practice and with helpful tools, you can learn to change your mindset and strengthen your confidence ‘muscles’.  Here are some ideas to get you…

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Are You Ready to Clear the Air With a Family Member?

Spring is here and along with the warmth of a new season will be opportunities for family reunions and holiday gatherings. While these events are often joyful and fun, we can sometimes experience underlying tension stemming from issues that have gone unresolved for years.  Sari is troubled that her older brother has teased her since…

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5 Daily Practices to Maintain Warmth in Your Relationship

You and your partner both need support and compassion. Care for your connection and you’ll be there for each other when this difficult winter passes. Here are 5 daily practices to maintain warmth in your relationship: SAY THANK YOU: Express gratitude and let your partner know that you appreciate the big and small things they…

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On Valentine’s Day, Gift Each Other Your Loving Presence

One of the greatest gifts you and your partner can give each other for Valentine’s Day is your loving presence. Put away your phones and other distractions, and take time to connect through conversation. Happy Valentine’s Day! Here are some fun conversation starters for you to try out: Valentine’s Day Conversation Starters

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Always Have a Dream on the Horizon (and other ways to keep your relationship vibrant)

For more than three decades, my life partner Howard and I have started the new year by celebrating our January 2nd wedding anniversary. Is there a secret to a long, happy relationship? There’s no magic formula for everyone, but here are a few thoughts about what’s kept our relationship vibrant. We always have a dream…

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When’s a Good Time for a Couple to Seek Professional Help?

People ask me if there’s a right time for a couple to seek professional help. I believe all couples can benefit from support, especially during these three stages of a relationship: Early Phase  By seeking professional guidance early on, you’ll build a solid foundation of healthy communication and connection. You’ll learn tools for repairing conflict…

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Do You Want to Be Right Or Do You Want to Feel More Connected to Your Partner?

Dani: You spend more time with your work friends than you do with me. Tal: That’s not true! I haven’t gone out with them in at least two weeks. What’s happening in this conversation?  Dani raises a sensitive topic that includes criticism, and Tal responds by disagreeing and using data to strengthen her point.  When…

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5 questions (and answers) about relationship coaching

Are you curious about Relationship Coaching?  Here are some common questions (and answers) about coaching for couples: How will Relationship Coaching help me and my partner? 🔹 Coaching helps revive intimacy, security, openness, and warmth.  🔹 Coaching empowers you to articulate your individual dreams and create a new, shared vision for your relationship in the…

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