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All couples argue. Successful couples repair.

This past year has tested you and your partner in so many ways. You’ve both been juggling your work and family responsibilities amid the ongoing stress and uncertainty of the pandemic. If you’ve drifted apart, or you’re often arguing or hurting each other, how can you repair your relationship?   Relationship expert, John Gottman, says: “All…

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Tu B’Av Conversation Starters: 10 Questions to Spark Connection and Conversation

This weekend we celebrate Tu B’Av – our Jewish Valentine’s Day.  It’s a great opportunity to enjoy a ‘summer date’ with your partner. For the occasion, I’ve put together some Tu B’Av Conversation Starters: 10 fun and intimate questions to help spark conversation and connection.  You don’t need to go anywhere for this date. Just…

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Summer Date Conversation Starter: Do You Have a Relationship Role Model?

This summer, make time each week for a ‘summer date’  –  like a walk along the beach, a picnic, or dinner out. It could be fun to give each date a theme that will stimulate interesting conversation. Be curious about your partner.  Be open to new discoveries as a couple. Here’s our first ’conversation starter’:…

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Cherish Your Love Story (and other advice for newlyweds)

This week, my sweet, light-filled son and his warmhearted and beautiful fiancée are getting married! I’m feeling so inspired and energized by the celebration of their love and their big step on the journey of their life together as a couple. As a mom, married for several decades, and as a relationship coach, I’m tempted…

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Real Questions from Real People

 I received this question from someone who is feeling overwhelmed by how busy she is ever since all the restrictions eased. If you’re also feeling overwhelmed these days, I hope you’ll find my response helpful.  Question: Ever since everything started opening up again, I’ve been feeling overwhelmed. There are so many things I need to…

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Conflict is an Opportunity for Growth in a Relationship

Why is conflict an opportunity for growth in a relationship? It’s an opportunity to share different sides of yourself with your partner. It’s an opportunity to get to know and appreciate your partner’s perspective and priorities. It’s not always pleasant in the moment, but it’s real. Constructive conflict can be empowering and authentic, and can…

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Are you ready to revive your dreams?

It’s been a year since our world was turned upside down, and life as we knew it changed completely. You’ve had to put many of your aspirations on hold as you navigate an ever-changing reality. As things settle down, and you begin to come up for air, are you ready to revive your dreams? Start…

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Five Stages of Awareness to Create Relationship Change

Change may look easy from the outside.  You may see someone who made a change and think it happened overnight.  But for most of us it’s a process,  an intentional journey with a few stages along the way. It starts with a sense of wanting more, a small seed of a question or discomfort with…

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Some things need to be let go before other things can be let in *

*quote by Marianne Williamson What positive qualities do you want to bring to your relationship this year that will help you experience more love and connection?   Here are some ideas, but feel free to add your own: Empathy Generosity Affection Vulnerability Spontaneity Support Friendship Fun Passion Laughter  When you consciously introduce even one new…

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8 Tips for Creating a Meaningful Vision for Your Life in 2021

These are tough times. You might be starting the new year lacking energy and motivation. You’ve been through so much this past year, and some days it feels like the light at the end of the tunnel is still far off.  I’d love for you to take a moment to reflect on your resilience in…

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