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Video: Practice Zero Negativity in Your Relationship

I’m going to suggest something that might sound extreme – but keeps your relationship positive and loving. Zero negativity.  It sounds impossible, maybe even crazy. But it actually works. Watch my short video and start to let go of the negative energy in your relationship today.

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Video: Do You Tell Your Partner What You Need to Be Happy?

You probably know what you need to be happy in your relationship. But do you tell your partner? Or do you keep it inside?    In my short video, I share 3 clear steps to ask your partner for what you need. It’s a powerful tool to open up your communication and deepen your connection. This…

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How to Repair and Renew a Difficult Relationship

Have you been holding on to negative feelings in an important relationship in your life? Is there anger, jealousy, resentment or hurt simmering under the surface of your interactions with someone close to you? Has a small incident from the past become magnified in your mind so that it’s all you associate with an otherwise…

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Video: A New Year Vision for Your Relationship

Rosh Hashanah is a wonderful opportunity to clarify your vision for your relationship. What would you like your relationship to look like 12 months from now?  I’m excited to share my wishes for you and your relationships in the new year in my new video. Not sure how to get started creating your relationship vision?…

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Why Do You Hurt the One You Love?

Do you ever feel  in your relationship like you’re stuck in a loop or a negative cycle? It often looks like this: I feel hurt – (so) I hurt you – (then) you feel hurt – (so) you hurt me – (and again) I feel hurt… round and round. Why does this happen? If you’ve…

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How to Ask for What You Need (and Make Your Relationship Stronger)

Why is it so hard to ask for what you need in a relationship?     We all need all sorts of expressions of love from our partner – support when we’re down, physical affection, laughter, compassion, positive feedback, understanding, listening, putting us first.  And we need help at different times – help getting things done and…

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How to Communicate Better in Your Relationship

Couples have a dialogue, an ongoing exchange of feelings, experiences, thoughts, ideas, concerns and opinions. They play two roles, one that I call ‘communicator’ and the other is a ‘listener’.  Setting up clear expectations for how dialogue will happen in your relationship helps both partners to feel less vulnerable and more secure, no matter what…

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Listening is an Act of Love

Listening is not passive, it’s not ‘doing nothing’. Listening is not the absence of presence, it’s all about presence. Listening is stopping what you are doing to be there for someone else. Listening is an end in itself  – taking in what the other person has to say. Listening involves the eyes, ears and heart.…

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You Go First: Practicing Gratitude in Your Relationship

One of the best ways to strengthen your connection is to consciously introduce more appreciation and gratitude in your relationship. You can initiate positive change by looking for opportunities to acknowledge and thank your partner.  The last couple of months have shaken your world and routine. All the moving parts that fit together and created…

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Tip #7 for Couples: Keep your Romance and Intimacy Alive

Many couples are wondering if it’s possible to keep romance and intimacy alive during the Corona crisis.  Here are some questions we’ve been hearing: How can we create opportunity for romantic breaks when the usual sources of entertainment and diversion are not available? How can passion and desire bloom in the context of unusual, prolonged…

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