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Tip # 5 for Couples: Create Boundaries

You’ve been isolated with your partner (and maybe children too) for a few weeks already and some days you feel you’ve got it and other days you are holding your breath, waiting to explode.  If the tension is mounting, it could be a good time to re-examine the structure you’ve set up in this strange…

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Tip # 2 for couples: Look for opportunities to see the good in your partner.

“I want my life back.” I’m hearing from couples that this is the hardest time they’ve ever had to live through, that both partners are struggling and exhausted, that being at home together 24/7 is just not sustainable. The worry of the unknown is hard enough – add to that a negative, bickering home environment…

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Tip #1 for Couples : Aim for Zero Negativity in your Shared Space

ZERO negativity towards the person you’re living with around the clock? It sounds impossible, maybe even a little fake. Try it – the results will surprise you. During these intense days at home with your partner, you both deserve to express emotions openly, communicate your needs and receive listening, empathy and warmth in return. You…

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7 Tips for Working at Home with your Partner and Keeping your Relationship Close and Strong

In the best of times, it is challenging for couples to work at home together. Finding personal space and focus while sharing a work environment with your partner is not easy and it can be distracting and lead to conflict. That’s in the best of times. In a situation like ours with so much uncertainty…

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What is Encounter-Centered Couples Transformation (EcCT)?

My coaching packages for couples Breathe New Life Into Your Marriage and Communication Workshop are based on my training in the idealistic and inspiring approach of Hedy Schleifer, known as Encounter-Centered Couples Transformation.  EcCT is a type of relationship healing that helps partners connect with each other more fully and authentically and empowers couples to…

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Why Trilotherapy?

My life has been changed by experiencing, studying and training in Trilotherapy over the last few years.  I have grown in my own personal quest for inner balance and confidence and I have expanded my work as a coach and mentor to integrate the unique Trilotherapy approach to seeking a harmony of Mind and Heart.…

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Is it Time to Leave Your Job?

Dena feels stuck at work. She asks herself every week if she should leave her job. “Dena” (not a real person) is married with young children.  She has a degree and four years ago took a job close to home that’s not really in her field. Dena comes to coaching to figure out if it’s…

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Trying On Acceptance

• I believe in myself and in my unique talents and skills. • I believe that what I have to offer and who I am as a person, professional, friend, parent are valuable. • I look back at my past and believe that I did the best I could in each situation. (I do not…

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Coaching is Opening My Eyes

I am learning as a life coach that… Some people have a hard time dreaming. Some can dream big dreams of the future even when the present is so dark. Some are in relationships that hold them too tightly and they want to run and stay – both. Some feel like impostors at work –…

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