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Is it Time to Leave Your Job?

Dena feels stuck at work. She asks herself every week if she should leave her job. “Dena” (not a real person) is married with young children.  She has a degree and four years ago took a job close to home that’s not really in her field. Dena comes to coaching to figure out if it’s…

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Trying On Acceptance

• I believe in myself and in my unique talents and skills. • I believe that what I have to offer and who I am as a person, professional, friend, parent are valuable. • I look back at my past and believe that I did the best I could in each situation. (I do not…

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Coaching is Opening My Eyes

I am learning as a life coach that… Some people have a hard time dreaming. Some can dream big dreams of the future even when the present is so dark. Some are in relationships that hold them too tightly and they want to run and stay – both. Some feel like impostors at work –…

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Being A Novice

In my course, I participated in a Rebirthing breathing exercise and what came up for me was the birth of my first son. I saw my 28-year-old self in the labor room, feeling all the fear and uncertainty of this very new phase. I remembered my brief maternity leave and my urgency to return to…

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