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Life Coaching

Choose the package that's right for you

Move from a Cycle of Hurting to a Cycle of Giving

Private workshop for individuals or couples

375 NIS for one 90-minute session

  • Gain a valuable tool to press pause on criticism and judgement
  • Add support and love to your relationship
  • Feel more hopeful about your marriage and better about yourself

Re-Boot Your 30s

Private workshop for individuals

375 NIS for one 90- minute session

  • Gain new confidence in your strengths and passions
  • Increase your insight on what has been holding you back
  • Feel the excitement and optimism that change is possible at any age

Breathe New Life Into Your Marriage

12-Week Relationship Coaching Package for Individuals or Couples


375 NIS/75-minute session

Experience a positive shift in the spirit and passion of your marriage. Learn how you can reduce conflict and tension and increase listening, intimacy and love.

  • Revitalize your energy
  • Break negative cycles
  • Return to real dialogue
  • Re-connect with the person who shares your dreams

Get Your Career on Course

10-Week Life Coaching Package for Individuals


350 NIS/60-minute session

Reaffirm your professional calling and explore what’s been holding you back at work. Take the next steps to embark on a career path that celebrates your unique talents and vision.

  • Articulate your ideals and strengths
  • Be open to new possibilities
  • Create a framework and a plan for change
  • Make a difference

Create Your Intentional Life Path

10-Week Package for Individuals
Integrating Life Coaching and Trilotherapy


375 NIS/75-minute session

Take time out of your routine to invest in yourself and consider deeply where you want your life and your relationships to be in the years ahead. Tap into your confidence and feel optimistic about your choices.

  • Accept yourself and feel proud of your strengths and values
  • Face your fears and practice vulnerability
  • Increase your emotional and spiritual satisfaction
  • Believe in yourself, love yourself
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