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Relationship, Career and Life Coaching

Choose the package that's right for you

Relationship Reset for Couples

3-Week Relationship Coaching Workshop

 (on Zoom or in person)

1500 NIS for Three 2-hour sessions


  • Gain helpful tools to improve open communication and sensitive listening
  • Reduce tension, criticism and blame
  • Reconnect and increase intimacy in your relationship

Re-Boot Your 30s

2-Week Life Coaching Workshop for Individuals

(on Zoom or in person)

750 NIS for Two 90-minute sessions

  • Gain new confidence in your strengths and passions
  • Increase your insight on what has been holding you back in relationships and career
  • Feel the excitement and optimism that change is possible

Breathe New Life Into Your Marriage

6-Week Relationship Coaching Package for Couples

integrating ECCT

2400 NIS for Six 2-hour sessions

Experience a positive shift in the spirit and passion of your marriage. Learn how to reduce conflict and tension and increase sharing, intimacy and love.

  • Discover new tools to communicate and listen without judgment
  • Break negative cycles of criticism and blame in your relationship
  • Rediscover your passion and reconnect to your dreams as a couple

Get Your Career on Course

8-Week Career Coaching Package for Individuals


2600 NIS for Eight 75-minute sessions

Reaffirm your professional calling and explore what’s been holding you back at work. Take the next steps to embark on a career path that celebrates your unique talents and vision.

  • Articulate your ideals and strengths
  • Be open to new possibilities
  • Create a framework and a plan for change
  • Make a difference

Create Your Intentional Life Path

10-Week Life Coaching Package for Individuals

integrating Trilotherapy


3200 NIS for Ten 90-minute sessions

Invest in yourself and consider deeply where you want your life and your relationships to be in the years ahead. Explore a new and inspiring inner balance of your mind and emotions. 

  • Accept yourself and feel proud of your strengths and values
  • Face your fears and practice vulnerability
  • Increase your emotional and spiritual satisfaction
  • Believe in yourself, love yourself
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