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Life and Career Coaching

Get Your Career on Course

Career Coaching

Eight 75-minute sessions

3000 NIS

Reaffirm your professional calling and explore what’s been holding you back at work. Take the next steps to embark on a career path that celebrates your unique talents and vision.

  • Articulate your ideals and strengths
  • Be open to new possibilities
  • Create a framework and a plan for change
  • Feel confident and successful
  • Be fully prepared for a career transition or new job search

Create Your Intentional Life Path

Life Coaching

Twelve 75-minute sessions

4500 NIS


Invest in yourself and consider deeply what you want to create in your life and who you want to be in the years ahead. Explore a new and inspiring balance of your mind and emotions.  Experience Trilotherapy integrated with life coaching.

  • Accept yourself and feel proud of your strengths and values
  • Face your fears and negative imprints that hold you back
  • Increase your emotional and spiritual satisfaction
  • Create a clear vision for your life
  • Believe in yourself, love yourself, and gain renewed confidence in your future
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