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Experience a dramatic shift in the spirit and closeness of your relationship

Transforming Your Relationship Starts With You

Relationship Coaching for Individuals

Embark on a process of change and relationship renewal, even if your partner (or friend) is not ready to join you in coaching.

  • Clarify your vision for your relationship
  • Be more aware of your own relationship style and patterns
  • Discover how to be a generous communicator and listener
  • Build a creative toolkit of responses to conflict and criticism
  • Learn a forgiveness process to let go of resentment and pain
  • Eight 75-minute sessions, 3000 NIS

Breathe New Life Into Your Marriage



Relationship Coaching for Couples

Explore creative solutions, reconnect, and bring back the happiness and closeness you once experienced.  Be inspired by Encounter Centered Couples Transformation.

  • Discover fresh insights and new tools to help you communicate and listen
  • Break negative cycles of criticism, judgment, and blame
  • Clarify your shared vision and reconnect to your dreams as a couple
  • Create a healthy, positive, safe space where your relationship will thrive with intimacy and love
  • Eight 90-minute sessions, 4000 NIS

Communication Workshop




Relationship Workshop for Couples


A powerful, useful inspiration to get your relationship back on track.  Open your heart to new possibilities and feel optimistic about your relationship.

  • Learn helpful tools to improve open communication and sensitive listening
  • Reduce criticism and blame
  • Infuse new energy, appreciation, and closeness into your relationship
  • One private 2-hour session, 700 NIS
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