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Real Questions From Real Couples

I’m happy to share my Q & A post, in which I respond to a real question about relationships. If you have a question you’d like me to answer, feel free to send me a private message. Q – I really feel like my partner and I could benefit from relationship coaching, but he’s very…

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5 Daily Practices to Maintain Warmth in Your Relationship

You and your partner both need support and compassion. Care for your connection and you’ll be there for each other when this difficult winter passes. Here are 5 daily practices to maintain warmth in your relationship: SAY THANK YOU: Express gratitude and let your partner know that you appreciate the big and small things they…

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On Valentine’s Day, Gift Each Other Your Loving Presence

One of the greatest gifts you and your partner can give each other for Valentine’s Day is your loving presence. Put away your phones and other distractions, and take time to connect through conversation. Happy Valentine’s Day! Here are some fun conversation starters for you to try out: Valentine’s Day Conversation Starters

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Cherish Your Love Story (and other advice for newlyweds)

This week, my sweet, light-filled son and his warmhearted and beautiful fiancée are getting married! I’m feeling so inspired and energized by the celebration of their love and their big step on the journey of their life together as a couple. As a mom, married for several decades, and as a relationship coach, I’m tempted…

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